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The top importer of Rockwool products nationwide

Aerothane Applications has noticed the increase in a call for hydroponic wool, and being the biggest importer of rockwool material in Southern Africa, we have been able to tap into our resources and network, to be able to bring the best hydroponic wool growing medium to you, at a price that is sure to make you smile.

Due to our expertise, we can offer the standard Aero-Grow products

  • seedling starter cubes
  • secondary grow stage blocks
  • large grow blocks


in addition to this, we can offer you, the home enthusiast or the farmer, specific sizes to your own individual needs. This is not possible with any of the other suppliers of hydroponic mineral wool.



Aero-Grow Mineral Wool starter plugs

Aero Starter plug.
– germination
– cloning
These are great to start your grow,
Refer to our how to guide for details on getting the best results
40mm x 40mm x 50mm
25 plugs per tray

Aero-Grow Mineral Wool grow block

Aero-Grow block medium / large
– Stage 2 growing
– Just plug in your starter plug
– Can be used in a hydroponic system, or a pot
Medium : 100mm x 100mm x 70mm with pre-drilled holes for the plugs – 
Large – 150mm x 150mm x 100mm with pre-drilled holes for the plugs


Aero-Mama Mineral Wool 

– For big plants
Just put your medium or large grow block on top of the Aero-Mama and
allow the roots to work their way into the massive block.
Blocks of this size were previously not available locally, and needed to be
imported, the cost of delivery as well as the fluctuation of the Rand, made
it near impossible to purchase.


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