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Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic Insulation

Acoustic foam and solutions to all industries


Aerothanes Studio foam is a highly sought after material by Musicians and the home studio starter. Our products are designed to be used as an easy DIY application, or for complex buildings that require more input and design. Our range of products cover both sound absorption as well as sound blocking. A combination of these materials can also be laminated together to give you the exact required result.

Our materials are manufactured to highest degree and cut on our Precision CNC machines to give the right profile every time.

Aerothanes range of products start with an economy range to suit every pocket, as well as an exclusive range that will give you peace of mind knowing that you will get the true sound quality of big recording studios.


Aerothanes range of acoustic products

Sonic Liner

Sonic liner is a delicately woven fibreglass cloth that gets coated with acrylic.

Sonic liner can be bonded onto Rockwool insulation and is used for both thermal and acoustic insulation in air conditioning. It helps keep fibres from the Rockwool in place, and adds a nice finish for aesthetics


Rockwool is widely known for its fantastic acoustic properties. In addition to its thermal qualities in hot insulation, Rockwool, because of its density and fiber orientation, is one of the best insulation materials for sound absorbtion. Rockwool is often covered with sonic liner, or laminated to other foams so that you can make it aesthetically pleasing.

One of the best compination of products is Rockwool, laminated to Aero-block. This combination gives you both Sound absorbtion and sound blocking capabilities, second to none.

Rockwool acoustics is one of the very few products that gives you sound absorption through most of the frequency ranges.


Aero-block is used as a sound isolation material. It is typically installed before walls, ceilings and floors have been completed, thereby enhancing the Transmission Loss (TL) of these standard assemblies.

Aero-block is a viscoelastic polymer that comes in a 1.6mm thick sheet with a weight of  4kg per square meter.

Aero-block is made from recycled plastics and non-toxic minerals that are mixed and pressed into a membrane sheet.

These sheets are then trimmed to a standard size of 1.25m wide x 2m long and rolled up for easy transportation. Other size rolls are available on request.

Studio-Foam - Acoustic tiles
Aerothane offer a range of acoustic tiles, with various profiles that are available.
  • Pyramid
  • City Scape
  • Egg Crate
  • Flat
  • Base Traps

All tiles are supplied as a standard 500mm x 500mm and can be ordered in various colours.

The base traps are supplied in 600mm and 1m heights, and with our precision CNC machines, can be profiled to your specific needs or designs.



AERO-SORB, which forms part of our exclusive product range, is an open celled acoustic/thermal impregnated polyurethane foam. It was originally developed as a safety critical foam. Acoustic performance is outstanding and absorption coefficients are typical for a cellular material, but unusually high deadening performance is attributable to the high density of approximately 85 to 100 kgm3. The high mass helps to reduce vibration in metal enclosures hence drumming and noise breakout.

One of the unique qualities of Aero-sorb is it Class A1 fire rating, which makes it the ideal product for those building where fire safety is a must. It is an incombustible material and does not burn at all.

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